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Declaration Form

It is the form in which the User fills all his Property Details for the very first time he comes to the SRO Office. There are 2 types of forms, Urban and Rural.

Influence Area
It is a small Area in the vicinity of  a Municipal Corporation or a Municipal Council and lies in the influence zone.

Tenanted Property
It is a Property in which the Tenants are living from or before 1/2/73.

Depreciated Cost
Any construction degrades with the time. So the actual cost of construction after a due course of time is the Depreciated cost of Construction.


ADTP Asst. Director Town Planning
ASR Annual Statement of Rates
JDTP Joint Director of Town Planning
DIG Deputy Inspector General
DOR Department of Registration
FSI Floor Space Index
HQ Head Quarter
IGR Inspector General Of Registration
ISM Indian Script Manager
JDR Joint District Registrar
MDR Major District Road
NA Non Agricultural
NH National Highway

Other District Road

RCC Reinforced Cement Concrete
RFP Registration Flow Process
SH State Highway
SRO Sub Registrar Officer
VR Village Road

A document which has a legal meaning, like land opreament, sale deed etc. Stamp duty is applicable on nature of an instrument.


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