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Q. 1. What is the function of the marriage office ?
Ans: There are two marriage offices specifically meant for solemnising marriages; one is in Pune and the other at Mumbai. The Marriage Officer is incharge of the Marriage Office and is of the rank of subregistrar. There are two acts which draw the guidelines regarding solemnising of marriages; they are :
1. Special Marriage Act
2. Bombay Marriage Act

Following points cover Special Marriage Act :
Ans: Notice period is 30 days and has to be signed by the prospective bridegroom and bride.(validity of notice is 90 days) Support documents required is the proof of age (legal marriageable age for males is 21 years and for females it is 18 years) A fee of Re. 1 is taken and notice is displayed for public view.
In case of either the bride or bridegroom residing in another jurisdiction, a copy of memorandum is sent to the concerned District Marriage Officer (JDR) for public display.
A register of marriage notice is maintained to record the notices.
Both the bride and bridegroom have to appear in person in front of the marriage officer between 30 to 90 days after the notice is given alongwith 3 witnesses for getting the marriage solemnised (provided that no objections are raised by anyone).
Duplicate copy of marriage certificate can be had by giving an application to the marriage officer. A certificate book is maintained for this.

Following points cover Bombay Marriage Act:
Ans: This act legalises marriages performed by priests at any place.
Memorandum is to be filled in duplicate and submitted to the marriage officer after the marriage.
A fixed fee of Rs.50 is charged (in the form of court fee stamp) for registering the marriage alongwith a registration fee of Re. 1 (if the memorandum is submitted within 30 days of marriage). It is Rs. 3 if the memorandum is submitted within 30 to 90 days of marriage and Rs.5 if the memorandum is submitted after 120 days of marriage.
The memorandum is then pasted in the marriage paste book.

*Wherever marriage office is absent, the JDR performs the function of the marriage officer
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